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About PowerUpSuccess

PowerUpSuccess Group is a proven expert for almost two decades in Human Capital Development, High Performance Training, and Results-Driven consulting in Sales, Relationship Mastery, and Leadership Development.


We are the market leaders in Talent Skills Enhancement and HRD consulting, specializing in Organizational Change, Sales and Revenue Optimization, Leadership Development, EQ in Cultural Revolution, and Transformational Training.


More than 80,000 participants and over 450 organizations have utilized our Training and Human Capital solutions to help individuals, managers, and teams operate at their best productivity within their high-paced, performance-driven market environment. With our uniquely tailored solutions, be it whether through virtual, hybrid, or in-person means, we’ve helped countless individuals and organizations with their Human Capital and Talent Development in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, India, The Middle East, and many more.

Why Choose PowerUpSuccess?

Our dedicated team of consultants are subject matter experts with years of corporate experience, coming from industries like Financial Services, Automotive, Insurance, Technology, FMCG, Property, Hospitality, and more.

Over the past two decades, we have successfully provided scalable solutions--ranging from creative content and agency services to a holistic start-to-finish development initiative--and learning interventions to more than 15 countries globally and have created many satisfied clients, from over 20 different industries.

Key Proposition #1

We pride ourselves in helping organizations achieve: 

  • Maximum Results

    Receive the best ROI within the shortest

    period of time

  • Achieve More

    Ensure that you have two times the retention rate versus industry standards

  • Carefully Catered Solutions

    Our solutions and services are designed to meet your challenges, in multiple different languages. 

Key Proposition #2

Transformational Development and Results-Oriented Solutions that are:

  • Highly Effective

    We are highly committed on bringing learning beyond the classroom, from virtual solutions to hybrid ones

  • Inspire Long-Term Change

    We strive to inspire greatness, self-actualization, and long-term change that bring effective business results

Key Proposition #3

We aim to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied by:

  • Constantly Updated

    We strive to bring high-quality, up-to-date materials, solutions, and services to our customers to fulfill new trends and expectations

  • Always Relevant

    We believe in providing our customers with the best--that means providing material that is relevant and timely to fit current and future situations

Our Work in Action

We believe in letting our work speak for itself. Here are some current clients that we've helped in bridging gaps, achieving organizational goals, and receiving the best business outcomes.

Our Client Testimonials

We believe in providing the best for our clients. Take a look at what our clients have to say about our expertise and knowledge!

"I found the Sales Intelligence training highly inspiring and took back useful principles to help me have a more structured approach in my thoughts and actions as well as to better understand the needs of my team and how I can fulfill those needs to motivate, encourage, and grow them in their day to day jobs."

Seng Cars World

Commercial Director

"PowerUpSuccess' strategy development sessions helped opened my eyes to the possibilities and gave me ideas what I could be focusing on for a start of my journey. I appreciate the time and effort the took by sharing! Thank you very much for the insights and tools."

Jeffro Ong

Vision Alliance, Performance Coach

"PowerUpSuccess' strategies helped me to see how I can repurpose the content from my existing business model and deliver it in new formats while simultaneously creating several new revenue streams. Their program helped me take my goals one step further."

Pamela Wigglesworth

CEO of Experiential Hands-On Learning

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