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Gain the necessary insights into branding in the digital world.

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Get all the insights and knowledge you need to excel at creating a strong brand persona and voice, as well as fostering lifelong customer relationships.

What is it about?

  • Understanding the concept behind branding in the new digital world

  • Building a mindset that helps businesses stay competitive in a heavily saturated market 

Learning Objectives:

  • To describe and apply theoretical concepts of Social Marketing
  • To apply brand audit in accordance with Social and Sustainable core values of the business

  • To deliver right brand image by centering the people at the heart of the matter.

  • To rethink and develop a new marketing strategy that focuses on connection rather than information

Course Schedule (GMT +8)

  • April 1, 2021

    9 am to 1 pm

    • Redefining Marketing and Branding: Understanding the follies of commercial marketing and introducing the idea behind social marketing with examples.


    • Segmenting Customers of a New Generation: Understanding the changing generations of consumers and the complexity of segmentation and targeting.


    • Beyond Your Brand: Understand the need to reconstruct different rebranding that fits into the concept of Triple Bottom Line within the sphere of Sustainability, how social marketing helps to extend the idea of sustainable marketing for the purpose of understanding new target markets within highly diverse and sophisticated market (E.g LOHAS).


    • Repositioning Your Brand: Understand why it is important to brand sustainability to a generation of new consumers, how to reposition the brand based on benefit, use and function. Homework will help participants to build a brand story defining who they target, what the brand stands for and why they are important.
  • April 2nd, 2021

    9 am to 1 pm

    • Restructuring Your 4Ps: Understand the 4P's of Social Marketing and how to encourage a sustainable change behaviour through the structuring of conventional 4P's.
    • Journey with Your Customer: Understand the customer journey alongside the implementation strategy of the brand in an ethical manner. 
    • Reflections: Recalibrate all the new thoughts and ideas behind 21st century branding and revisit their importance. 

Meet Your Instructor:

Dr. Derek Ong-Lai Teik

Derek comes from the multicultural Malaysian landscape which allows him to fully embrace diversity amongst different minority settings. Balancing academia, fitness (as an instructor), and arts (as a thespian), his diverse background propels him to experience the world in many different colours, senses and emotions.


He has also conducted several trainings for SMEs, helping them to include social marketing principles as part of their rebranding exercise. He believes that while commercial marketing is an important factor to create profits, social marketing can elevate one’s brand relationship with consumers through the centering of people’s core values for positive and long-lasting engagement achieving sustainability in the triple bottom line (people, place, and planet).


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